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Solar can drastically reduce or even eliminate energy bills effectively lowering overhead. Solar energy provides a good return on investment through the use of un-utilized rooftop space and requires minimal maintenance. All of this has a positive impact on your savings and even greater impact on the environment. Solarium offers innovative solar solutions to industrial, commercial and institutional customers of all sizes. Our advanced, record-breaking solar technology allows our customers to maximize savings, gain energy independence, and meet sustainability goals. Regardless of the scale of the solar project or the size of your company, the Solarium team delivers the same level of expertise and personalized service. We genuinely care about each and every client and their goals for reducing energy costs for their businesses, while helping the world build a brilliant clean energy tomorrow. From embedding safety in the core product design to safe work practices, safety is a core value at Solarium and is one of our key differentiators.

Start your solar journey with us now, you just need a roof space, where we can set up your green power unit.

Save Money

Solar power is much cheaper than your grid electricity. While electricity prices continue to rise, your solar system is always working at the same cost. This advantage means that your savings in operating costs and the pay-back on your system increase year after year. A Great Solar return is guaranteed.

Energy Independence

As fossil fuel stocks deplete, the costs of grid based electricity will continue to rise. A well designed PV system can help a business become energy independent. This means you can reduce your reliance on the utility company. Solar offers energy security at a fixed rate for the lifetime of the system.

It Makes Perfect Business Sense

Depending on your electricity consumption and the incentives and/or rebates available in your area, your rooftop solar system could pay back for itself in as little as 4-5 years. Since the systems last for as long as 25-40 years, you will have access to free electricity for many years.

Sustainable Environment Protection

Because with your own solar system you produce sustainable energy, reducing CO₂ as well as particulate and soot emissions. As a solar energy producer you protect the environment, conserve resources and safeguard the future for yourself and your children. It’s great CSR.

Leave a legacy for your business

By reducing emissions and standing out amongst your peers, you will improve your company’s operational performance. You will also make yourself able to demonstrate the stepped improvements in environmental performance required by the latest standards such as ISO14001-2015.

Entering into a partnership with Solarium will ensure that you reduce your overall CO2 footprint by sourcing carbon-free electricity, at a discount to your current supply. Numerous customers actively use their solar projects in internal and external communications and it’s a great, cost effective way to enhance their brands.

Commercial solar and storage solutions from Solarium deliver more value and reliable long-term savings—a foundation upon which you can stake your energy future.

Carport Installations

Solarium carports make an elegant statement on sustainability while providing the luxury of shaded parking for employees and customers. Protect the cars of that parking on your lot from the sun and bad weather, while making a visible statement about your organization’s commitment to sustainability. Add optional electric vehicle charging for those who want to take it to the next level.

Rooftop Installations

Solarium versatile system configurations meet a wide range of energy goals—from maximizing your IRR to maximizing the NPV of your investment. Rooftop solar is a faster way to reap the benefits of solar with minimal business interruption. Large flat roofs are perfect for installing solar panels.

Ground Installations

Solarium extensive power plant experience facilitates on-site or off-site installations, optimizing land and system size to meet your energy needs. If your roof isn’t large enough or has too much shading, ground-mount solar could be an option if you have access to nearby unused land. These systems take more time install than rooftop solar, but are often larger with the ability offset more of your electricity costs.

Increase your electricity savings with battery storage

Reduce utility bill demand charges with Solarium Storage—which stores electricity generated while the sun is shining and intelligently discharges to offset demand spikes. Store energy during off-peak hours and discharge the battery when demand spikes occur. This reduces electricity bill demand charges and increases savings.

Smart Financing And PPA

As a Corporate, you have specific needs in terms of energy purchase. Our offer of Corporate Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) and direct purchase allows you to get access to a reliable and tailor-made power supply. Moreover, using best-in-class technologies and materials, Solarium offers a cost competitive and full renewable supply.

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