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Financing for a sustainable future

Financing Options to Suit Your Needs

Solarium is a unique solar solutions company with access to a variety of financing and leasing options for every solar project. We understand there is not a “one size fits all” solar solution, so we pride ourselves on taking the extra time to design your solar package with the financing options to best fit your goals and your budget. With so many financing options and government programs available today, going solar has become extremely affordable. Solarium works with several finance partners that can help determine which financing package best fits the customer and the project. The continuing decline in the cost of solar installations, combined with the right incentive and finance package, makes the solar value proposition more attractive than ever, with investments paying double-digit returns after a few years of operation.

The impact that financing terms have on the total cost of ownership of a renewable project is considerable – often more than any other single cost. Because of this, low-cost, flexible financing & access to capital are critical to achieving long-term success. At Solarium, we work diligently to secure an effective project financing solution for each client. Our project financing team delivers superior expertise and capabilities across the capital spectrum for C&I renewable energy projects. For distributed generation project investors, leveraging our financial expertise helps them to maximize their returns on capital. For our energy customers and landowners, working with Solarium gives them the ability to secure the benefits of renewable energy generation in the form of either energy savings or land lease payments, absent an investment of capital.

Solarium commercial financing services offer you:

Financing Options to Suit Your Needs

There are four main financial paths to solar, each with its own considerations. Our in-house finance experts will work with you to assess your situation and then build a custom financial package that best meets your needs. For Solarium customers, these options are a win-win-win. And with all of these options, your system is backed by our industry-leading Performance Warranty for 25 years.

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

We install, and owns, operates, and maintains the system. You make an agreement to purchase energy from that system at a fixed price per kWh, locking in lower energy costs for the long term. At the end of the contract, you can purchase the system, negotiate another PPA, or have the system removed.

Solar with no up-front Investment

  • Affordable and Flexible – No capital investment.
  • System Owned by Solarium
  • Worry-Free – Payment per kilowatt – hour consumed
  • Cost Control – Energy Rate Locked for 20-30 years
  • No responsibility of O&M


You purchase a solar panel system outright and can begin installation as soon as you’re ready. Cash purchase offers complete access government initiatives where available, which can offset solar project cost significantly. Cash purchase typically offers the maximum return on a solar investment.

The fastest, simplest path to solar

  • Own solar asset over its lifetime more than 25years
  • Cost free energy for system lifetime
  • Enjoy Government & Tax Benefits
  • System pay back in 4-5 Years


Simply rent the solar system from us and earn the benefits from the electricity the system produces. You pay a fixed monthly amount to use the energy generated by the solar system on your roof.

Solarium owns the system on your roof and you pay it with fixed lease payment.

  • Zero or low up-front
  • System Owned by Solarium
  • Leases are typically for 15-20 Years
  • Cost Control – Pay lease payment monthly


Get Financed your system purchase with low, fixed monthly payments, a competitive interest rate, and no upfront cost. Enjoy the tax benefits, Government Benefits, build equity in your home and begin saving money.

You own your solar system, and pay for it with a loan.

  • Own solar asset over its lifetime more than 25years
  • Cost Control – Pay Loan payment monthly
  • Enjoy Tax Benefits
  • Enjoy Government Benefits

Solar PPA – Power Purchase Agreement

Power purchase agreements (PPAs) mean building partnerships: sharing our global expertise, offering our project development capabilities and supplying your business with reliable, tailor-made and cost competitive renewable solutions. PPAs enable our clients to purchase renewable energy on a long-term basis, benefiting from a long-term market hedge with no upfront capital. The supply structure of the PPA itself is defined together with our clients based on their global strategy and their local business requirements, also according to each country regulation and market opportunities.

On-site PPA: a physical connection to renewables

Our renewable power plant will be developed, built and operated directly on your property and the energy will be fed directly into you electrical system. The PPA supply price will be based on the specific plant characteristics, guaranteeing with a long term hedge.

Off- Site PPA: renewables supply from distance

Solarium makes renewable energy available even from a distance. We will supply you with renewable energy using the grid to deliver it. As well as guaranteeing a long-term hedge, this solution overcomes local logistical problems, such as the availability of space or renewable resources on or near the client’s facilities

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