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Making Solar Energy The Better Choice

Solar can be a bit confusing, we can clear that up.

Solar Makes Sense

Today, global warming has become a reality for everyone as it is making significant and harmful impact to our communities, our health and our climate. However, the world has come to realize that practical solutions can be found in eco-friendly energy sources that could dramatically reduce the pace of global warming. We can secure renewable energy sources to secure the future of mankind. Using unlimited sunlight as the main source of energy, we can generate clean electricity without negatively impacting the environment and ourselves.

Why Solar ?

The rise in pollution levels and the rapid depletion of non-renewable fuel resources requires urgent attention to fulfill increasing energy demands. The sun has produced solar energy for billions of years. Solar energy does not produce any pollutants and is one of the cleanest sources of renewable energy. It requires low maintenance and is easy to harness through solar photo voltaic technology (solar panels). Solar power is a cleaner, faster-to-build and cost-effective alternative energy solution to coal and diesel based power, the economic and climate costs of which continue to increase every year. Backed by a skilled team and under experienced leadership, we are paving the way in providing clean energy solutions that are feasible, cost-effective and innovative.

Environmentally Sustainable

With your own solar system, you would produce sustainable energy by reducing CO₂ as well as particulate and soot emissions. As a solar energy producer you are protecting the environment, conserving the resources and safeguarding the future for all mankind. By generating solar energy, you lower the amount of traditional energy that has to be discovered, mined, drilled, transported and cleaned up. When you use solar energy you derive power from a clean source: sunlight. Your use of solar energy also helps to fight global warming and reduce our dependency on decreasing fossil-fuel sources such as coal, oil and natural gas.

It is Never – ending, Non-polluting renewable source of energy. Solar power will not run-out like traditional power sources such as fossil fuels.

Economically Sensible

Government rebates and tax credits : Customer can avail various attractive policies and incentives on Solar System installation by Central Govt., State govt. and State Nodal agencies.

Excellent return on investment (ROI) : An investment in solar power provides long-term savings. The system life is of 25 years and ROI within 5 Years, after which the generated Electricity is almost FREE.  40% Accelerated Tax Depreciation is available for customer in the first year itself.

Reliability and Low Maintenance : Solar system incurs Minimal Operation & Maintenance (O&M) expenses and assures complete peace of mind.

Protection against rising utility costs : With a solar-powered system you will be in control of your own energy production and free from wildly increasing energy rates and the need to depend on diminishing fossil fuel sources. You can gain energy Independence through Energy Storage solutions.

How Solar Works?

Solar photovoltaic (PV) technology was developed in the 1960’s for space applications. This mature technology is now available for commercial utilization. The PV modules convert the sun’s energy into usable electricity. The PV system works in this way:

  • Solar PV modules are installed and positioned on the roof of buildings to get maximum solar radiation.
  • The energy hitting the modules is converted into Direct Current (DC) electricity.
  • The DC electricity flows through cables into inverter. These electrical devices convert DC electricity into Alternating Current (AC) electricity.
  • The AC electricity is then used throughout the facility and can in some cases be exported back to the grid or stored in batteries.
  • All generated AC electricity is tracked and easily accessible by the facility owner.

How will this system reduce energy costs for us?

On Grid Systems does not disconnect or replace your current utility connection. The system installed provides power to the facility and simply reduces the amount of energy taken from the grid. When the solar facility produces less energy than needed, the balance is drawn from the grid or Diesel generator. The facility remains connected to the grid as it was before. This is called as Net Metering.

Off Grid Systems or Energy storage systems stores electricity in the battery and the system installed provides power to the facility.

Type of Solar Projects

With a robust manufacturing and engineering background, Solarium specializes in state-of-the-art solar project engineering, procurement, construction and operation. With roots in solar manufacturing, we are a vendor-independent system integrator and developer, focusing on customized solar power plant solutions, ranging from RCC rooftops, metal-shed rooftops to elevated superstructure rooftops, that maximize performance and investor returns.

Solar Solutions for Everyone


It pays off to produce your own power with solar energy and permanently reduce your electricity costs with a solar system by Solarium.

Solutions for Residential


Put the roof of your business to work. Make a long term saving on electricity costs and produce solar power with Solarium solar solutions.

Solutions for your Company

Utility Scale Solar

Our integrated manufacturing, project management, and system expertise makes us a preferred partner for turnkey solar power plants.

Solutions for Utility Scale Solar

Customized Financing Options

We have partnered with well established financial entities so as to facilitate best financial choices for our clients that help them install solar energy systems for the best prices depend so as to facilitate best financial choices for our clients that help them install solar energy systems for the best prices. Our financing suite includes Private PPA’s (OPEX Model), Solar Lease, Solar Loan and Own a System.

Its east to spread the cost of solar. Find out more about the finance option

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