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Diversify Your Portfolio

Making the Complex Simple

Technology Transforms Solar Financing

Solar is a long term investment and thus when considering an investment in a Solar, select a partner that will be there to support the system throughout the life of the system. Solarium is transforming the solar financing system to make it more efficient, transparent, and customer-friendly. We use technology to screen solar projects faster and more accurately than a bank, lowering the cost of credit and passing the savings back to investors in the form of strong returns. No matter what your risk/return appetite, Solarium has you covered. Each solarium fund is designed by solar specialists with help from our sophisticated underwriting algorithms. Get exposure to a diversified portfolio of solar investments with a Solarium.

Invest in solar

We invite you to be part of the India growth story as well as the rise of Solar Power as the new source of power for the same. Investment in solar helps you;

  • Diversify your investment portfolio with long term, stable cash flows
  • Benefit from various tax benefits available to investors in solar power
  • Build a portfolio of assets whose value rises with rising cost of grid power

At Solarium, we help you tap the power of the Sun to add value to your property and investment. Go ahead, make a smart investment move and shine in the brilliance of the sun.

Solarium, your partner for entering into the solar business

Photovoltaics offers many opportunities. Definitive expertise and industry knowledge and the right partner are key requirements for operating successfully and investing in this market. Enhance your expertise with SOLARIUM! Our Knowledge of know-how and do-how at our disposal to successfully position you on the solar market as an energy supplier and service provider. Take advantage of the expertise which we can offer you as one of the leading global providers of photovoltaic and storage systems.

  • Tailored processes and solutions for your business model – developed together with you. This ensures you have a perfect starting position for achieving your business and strategic objectives.
  • Quick and simple entry into the solar power business thanks to turn-key systems and standardised processes. This enables you to conserve your own resources and save valuable time which you can invest in your core business.
  • Everything from a single source: “Systematic solar power” is the principle of SOLARIUM. For you this means: 360° services and 100% reduced workload thanks to high-quality, interconnected products and services.

Our Approach

We help our customers making decision easier for their investments in Solar Energy projects.

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