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Smart Solar PV Modules

Solarium PV Modules are manufactured with the highest quality materials and features best in class quality and performance that allows for higher efficiency, greater power generation and a premium design. Our meticulous product design and stringent quality control ensures our modules deliver an exceptional high PV yield.

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This is Solarium

Solarium is a global, premium quality manufacturer of the highest efficiency Solar PV modules. We develop world class PV modules designed to deliver high power output and efficiency as well as long term reliability. Our stringent quality standards exceeding Industry standards guarantee long durability of our product. This is the key factor to justification of longevity of our modules and price -performance ratio.

Design and Manufacturing Facility

With state-of-the-art manufacturing by Solarium, we are ready to make the world a more solar-driven environment. Solarium PV modules are powered by industry acknowledged high performance, reliable silicon cells. The modules have been designed and engineered by experienced technocrats from the industry. Rigorous durability and performance tests are performed to ensure each module’s lifetime performance and maximum energy yield. Built to perform, our PV modules survive extreme wind, snow-load and corrosive environments.

Design innovation includes:

  • Minimum moisture ingress for greater logivity of the modules
  • Positive power output tolerance
  • Selection of best quality of materials and matching of components for harvesting more power
  • High anodized Aluminium frame
  • High reliability in extreme weather conditions

Wide Product Range

Solarium manufactures both Mono and Mutli crystalline Solar photovoltaic modules. Solarium offers a wide range of solar PV Modules having different characteristics suitable to your needs. Our wide range of standard and specialty modules include:

  • A full product suite from 36-cell to 96-cell module configurations and everything in between
  • Available products using the latest in solar cell technology (PERC, bi-facial) creating super high-efficiency modules
  • Just-In-Time Delivery, all product is built to order and supplied directly to the project site guaranteeing a seamless transaction
  • Wide power range – from 3 Wp to 350 Wp

The Solarium Edge

Next Generation Technology Modules

Solarium includes industry leading innovations from PERC and HJT Technology.

PERC Polycrystalline

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PERC Monocrystalline

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Now Get More With Our High Power PERC PV Modules

  • Designed with new generation PERC Technology.
  • Higher cell Efficiency than conventional multicrystalline cells.
  • More Power output per Sq. meter.
  • Outstanding low Light and longer wavelength performance.
  • Lower temperature co-efficient

Greater Peace of Mind

Solarium PV modules are backed by our industry-leading Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty for 25 years on a linear degradation schedule. Utilizing the most preeminent materials the industry has to offer, in combination with the fully automated manufacturing process,Solarium panels deliver a Premium Promise which provides unrivaled performance.

25 Year Linear Warranty

Qualifications & Certificates

IEC 61215, IEC 61730 -1 & 2, IEC 62804

IEC 61701, IS 14286, IS 61730 -1 & 2

ISO 9001, 14001, 45001

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