Turn sunlight into savings

Solar For Homes

India is on the cusp of a solar revolution and we at Solarium have been right at the forefront, leading the move towards sustainable energy solutions.

Converting to solar energy can be a challenge, but at Solarium we want to make the transition to renewable energy as easy as possible. Adding solar to your home is a worthwhile investment that also has a positive impact on the environment. While adding solar is a great way to save on your utility bills, it may also make you more energy independent. Unlike most solar companies, we design, engineer and manufacture every system that bears the Solarium name. Feel great knowing you’ve chosen the most efficient and reliable solar backed by an industry-leading warranty.

How you can benefit from a PV system?

Having an Solarium photo voltaic system on your roof lets you turn solar radiation into energy you can use – in many ways.

  • On-grid, off-grid or hybrid solutions: Perfectly customized to your requirements.
  • Direct self-consumption of solar power: Gaining independence from energy suppliers and reducing your electricity your electricity costs by generating your own power using the solar energy.
  • Storage to increase self-consumption share and to secure constant supply: Ensuring that you can use solar power even when the sun is not shining.
  • Best Return on Investment
  • Choose the sustainable option: Clean solar energy benefits not only your wallet, but the environment as well.
  • Government subsidies and rebates : Various Attractive policies and incentives on Solar System installation by Central Govt., State govt. and State Nodal agencies.
Still Spending, or ready to save ?

Cheaper than energy providers: Set your own electricity prices

Top quality Solarium PV systems offer you savings potential in a number of areas. After all, in most countries, generating solar energy has become cheaper than purchasing electricity from energy companies.

The more low-cost solar power you consume yourself, the less you will need to buy from your energy provider, and the lower your energy bill will be. Any electricity you do not use will be fed into the public grid.

This makes your system an attractive investment.

Going solar is easy with Solarium

Our experts do the legwork. From designing the system to handover, we represent a safe investment and guaranteed results. We provide you with customized solutions, unmatched in terms of quality and savings potential.

Good reasons for choosing SOLARIUM:

  • Brand You Can Trust
  • Directly from the manufacturer
  • Pan India Presence
  • 24X7 service support, for complete peace of mind
  • Tailor-made solar solutions
  • Reliable performance through better product and service warranties

Local Expertise, Backed by a Global Brand

When you choose a Solarium system, your home solar is backed by a global brand and installed by a local expert.

We partner with a nationwide network of certified solar installation contractors under our Solarium Channel Partner Program who will customize your solar system according to local weather patterns, building materials and city codes.

Flexible Financing, with Zero Down Options

Switching to solar has never been easier. Financing home solar doesn’t have to be complicated. Solarium offers flexible payment options, so you can choose what’s right for you—cash, ppa, lease or loan.

With multiple financing options, you can start saving with little to no upfront costs. Customers can still choose a capital purchase or finance solar installations with low-interest loans.

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