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Make Your Roof Work Harder


Solarium delivers high-quality, high-performance solar power systems that ensure superior Returns on Investments (ROI). Solarium is weaving a new tradition of harnessing energy form the sun to lighten up the World, with a mission of economic upliftment and mitigating the carbon footprints. Our endeavor has been to improve and render solar energy more affordable and accessible.The guiding principle of the Solarium brand culture is centered on delivering excellence through efficiency and complete customer satisfaction. We understands its moral, social and business responsibilities to protect, preserve & nurture renewable energy sources to initiate a pro-active reduction in our carbon footprint and promises a brighter, greener and a beneficial future for all of us. We aim to get the sun at your doorstep by offering simple and comprehensive solar energy solutions in a way that is scientifically sound and practically viable. Systems can be roof mounted or ground mounted. They can be Grid Connected or can be used as Energy Storage Systems.

Let Solarium design the perfect Solar Rooftop system for you

What is Rooftop?

  • Generation at the point of consumption
  • Sizing on the basis of actual loads leading to customized solutions
  • Strong policy support and benefits by both state and central governments
  • Balance energy can be fed back into the grid taking advantage of recently introduced net metering policies or can be stored in Battery Systems

Why Rooftop?

  • The rising electricity tariff from conventional sources can be curbed by locally available and accessible natural resources
  • High positive environmental impact on the community
  • The economics of solar power are conducive to lower investments
  • Solarium provides strong expertise, skill and experience in this domain

On-Grid PV System

On-Grid PV System is utility interactive rooftop PV system which is connected to the utility grid and is the simplest and cost-effective installation. DC power generated by PV modules or array or string mounted on the roof is converted to AC power by the inverter, which feeds the site load. During power generation through PV solar, the power drawn from utility gets reduced. In the case of excessive power generation, energy fed backs to a utility. Depending on the policy, a power that is pushed back into the grid is purchased by a utility or adjusted in a billing cycle. It is not competent to back up power during outages. They can be easily synchronized with Diesel gensets to reduce the overall cost of electricity/unit and also allows a system to avoid storage (batteries), which has a huge cost.

How On Grid System Works?

  • The Sun & Solar Array: The sun provides free energy every day. Solar panels convert sunshine into electricity.
  • The Inverter: The inverter converts the direct current (DC) power from the solar panels into alternate current (AC) power for your property.
  • The Meter: With net metering, energy you don’t use goes to the grid, spinning your meter backwards.
  • The Utility Grid: Excess/unused electricity is then sent back to the grid (utility company). You sell your power to the utility company during peak time and receive credits back at night.

Energy Storage PV System

Stand-alone PV systems powered by high quality modules manufactured at Solarium operate independent of the electric grid and are designed to acquire power for days when sun is not available. It is the system which integrates large number of battery storage. Power handling capacity of this system capable enough to feed all energy needs at the site and recharge the batteries at the same time. System sizing are customized according to individual customer needs depending on electrical load and back up requirements. It is after this analysis that the system sizes and battery size are designed. Stand-alone PV systems can be designed so as to operate either as a source of power back up during power cuts or as total off-grid systems whose power needs are solar dependent. When paired with PV Systems, it is able to offer various functionalities like DG Mitigation, Peak Shaving, thereby, increasing the potential savings of the clients. In addition to this, it enhances the flexibility of client’s power supply, especially for critical facilities which commonly face grid outages.

Photo voltaic plants supply you with electricity – as long as the sun is shining. We offer clever systems to make sure that you don’t experience downtime when sun is not available. We can achieve this by combining our solar energy plants together with storage units so that you can store produced solar energy and then access it whenever you need it.

How Off Grid System Works?

  • The Sun & Solar Array: The sun provides free energy every day. Solar panels convert sunshine into electricity.
  • The Inverter: The inverter converts the direct current (DC) power from the solar panels into alternate current (AC) power for your property.
  • Energy Storage: With Off Grid System, energy you don’t use is stored in the battery backup system.

Advantages Of Our Project Capabilities

Our Solar team ensures your photovoltaic projects are constructed cost effectively, operate flawlessly and can provide regular operation and maintenance for optimal power generation. In summary, the advantages of working with us are:

Our Approach

We help our customers making decision easier for their investments in Solar Energy projects.

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