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Own your light and the power

Across the world, Solar powered lights are gaining fast momentum into the environment conscious era of today. With the latest technological advancements, Solar panels for lighting is a good option for standard lighting products to become power efficient and fully or semi autonomous lighting product. With Solarium made solar panels, any lighting product can be integrated with solar energy – from street pole, park and walkway lights to residential area lighting solution. Our solar street lighting systems are made by using only the best quality components and can be easily tailored to fit all kinds of requirements and applications. By using high quality solar components, we design top notch lighting systems that have been tested in critical weather conditions. Our solar panels fit and power up even the smallest luminary. So lighten up your surroundings with green energy with minimal initial investment and maintenance.

Custom Solar Solutions for Lighting

Lighting PV System is an LED lamp based luminaries composed of solar panels, battery, DC charge controller. Non-contact control of DC charge controller automatically turns on the light at dark and switches off at daytime. In some cases, it is combined with time controllers to set time for its automatic switch on and off. The photovoltaic panels charge a rechargeable battery, which powers a fluorescent or LED lamp during the night. Solar street lights are well-designed to illuminate large areas with the highest intensity of light. This street light is very eco friendly its recharge automatically and turns on at evening.

In a country as wide spread and often so many remote areas, solar power offers considerable benefits over traditional methods for providing power to such places.What was once impossible to justify can now be a reasonably costed solution with reliability. The driver for industry to explore solar power LED lighting solutions can vary between the type of application to which a solution is being sought. With no connection to the electrical grid and no ongoing electrical costs, solar LED area lighting allows for versatility, reliability and cost-savings beyond anything hardwired solutions can offer.

Why Go Solar?

  • Electrical grid is unreliable or unavailable – Trenching or cabling costs are high
  • Existing underground wiring needs replacing or copper theft is a reoccurring problem
  • Underground checks and permits are costly or time consuming
  • There is a cost in disrupting traffic, business and/or the environment
  • There is a desire for sustainable (green) lighting
  • Government funding to support sustainable infrastructure is available

Why Solarium?

  • High quality and long lasting PV modules and Low Maintenance Systems
  • Premium, quality-tested components for a long-lasting product
  • Customized systems properly configured to each location, ensuring long-term reliability
  • World-class customer support and warranty
  • Certified IP65 enclosure for outdoor use
  • Automatic control systems facilitating smooth operations

Performance & Reliability Guaranteed

Stand alone Street Lights

Solar stand alone street lights do not require any connectivity with the grid and there is no man power needed to switch ON/OFF regularly.

There is no grid connectivity needed, these lights can be erected any where we need.

Because of its independent operation this becomes very useful in villages located at thick forests, hilly areas and also in remote place where there is no electricity.

Stand alone street lights play a major role in urban areas by replacing the conventional street lights and there by reduces the demand for grid power.

Centralized Street Lights

In this system power to the street lights are supplied through a centralized Solar power generating system.

The lights used for this system are normal AC lights which are connected with UG Cables. Timer is provided to ON/OFF the lights automatically.

We can also automatically switch OFF alternate lights in the late night.

Already existing street lights can be connected with this system.

This is well suited for locating street lights under shaded places.

Commercial Solar Lighting Applications

Lighting Programs

Dusk to dawn

Custom hours (Timer)

Motion Sensors

Dimming Program

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