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Structures were long-perceived as off-the-shelf products, bereft of imagination or innovation. Solarium has changed such perceptions. By introducing project-specific customization, promoting process-oriented optimizations, and ensuring overall project financial feasibility, Solarium has fostered grid parity and continues to cater to the nation’s dream of a secure energy future. Every millimeter in Solar Projects has a huge value attached to it. While being economical is desirable, being accurate is the end goal. Millions rest on the solar mounting structures we design and hence destructive and non-destructive testing of numerous prototypes is a part of our daily routine. Innovation, optimization, and customization form the basis of Solarium design and execution philosophies. Inspired by continuous feedback, and bolstered by a robust supply chain network the cycle continuously churns out newer, more robust products and promotes rapid installations.

Solarium in-house design team comprises of professionals with deep core competencies and a keen focus on ensuring practicality of design. Auto CAD, STAAD Pro and SolidWorks – globally accepted designing tools, are employed in tandem during the design process to churn out the required solution. Solarium recognizes that actual conditions and loads are known to differ from design simulation conditions. Each and every mounting solution offered by Solarium is subjected to mandatory destructive testing prior to being introduced into the market. Solarium ground mount systems can be installed on any terrain and soil, irrespective of undulations within the land area. Solarium rooftop mounting structures, which offer both penetrative and non-penetrative solutions successfully cater to all types of requirements. Our Product team has a dedicated team focused on design, development, supply quality and execution of our Products. Innovation, Quality & Reliability is at the heart of component design. All products have been stress tested under harsh environmental conditions & accelerated cycling tests. Our Design philosophy helps us to create products that stand the test of usage, time and cost and we ensure that the solutions we put forth are economical to procure, practical to install, and diligently conform to all requisite design codes and methodologies.

With reduced tariffs, the Solar plant costs have reduced significantly in last few years. While the EPC industry has been continuously innovating to cut costs by design innovations and in some cases careful dilution of specifications in non-core areas, further cost cutting seemed to be a big challenge in near future. At Solarium, we realized this pressure from our esteemed customers and instead of playing with the quality of plants to further cut costs, we chose to offer a differentiated value based products based on our EPC experience, strong R&D, manufacturing expertise and Innovation strengths. These products include Solar PV Modules and Module Mounting Structures. Solarium stands out as industry leading solar mounting manufacturers with dedicated and proven supply chain capability of delivering for ultra mega power projects. Our core objective is to deliver indigenous designed and developed best in class reliable products at economical rates to improve plant efficiencies. Structural integrity and safety is afforded the topmost priority during the design process. The expected life of a solar power plant is 25 years and Solarium ensures that structures are designed in a manner to ensure achieving of said milestone.

Complete Mounting & Racking Systems for All Roof Types

Ground Mounting System

High Performance Solar Mounting Systems

Conceived out of the knowledge of real world conditions under which solar mounting structures should perform, our ground mounted products have their feet firmly grounded in durability, adaptability and reliability thus fulfilling varied requirements. Our ground-mounted solutions are optimized for all soil types and terrains. Our flexible designs enables us to cater to a wide range of different types of structures like fixed tilt, seasonal tilt and tracking structures.

Rooftop Solar Mounting System

Products for All Roof Types – One source for integrated racking and mounting solutions

When it comes to innovation, ease of installation and economy, our rooftop solar mounting systems stand out. They are simple do-it-yourself kits which dramatically reduce installation time and costs. They have a perfect blend of customization and standardization to ensure diversity and simplicity at the same time. We provide both penetrating type and non-penetrating type roof mounted structures, of aluminium, MS, GI sheets etc., as per the solar rooftop project requirement. Our advanced analytical tools and software allows us to provide accurate and optimized designs that is not only structurally sound but also has lowest material usage and costs.

Flat roofs

Tile Roofs

Comp shingle

Trapezoidal metal roofs

Standing/round seam roof

Ground mounted systems

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