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We help you extract more value from the solar systems

Protecting and Optimizing Your Assets


A typical Solar PV plant has life of over 25 years, and although Solar PV plants have no moving parts; a solar plant needs no O&M is a myth. With lowering tariffs, the O&M of the plant can determine the overall profitability of the plant and can impact the project IRRs significantly.

We offers consistently world-class O&M services delivered by well-trained, motivated professionals who implement proven, site-specific programs designed to maximize owner value through operational risk mitigation. Our core objective is to deliver beyond guaranteed plant performance for the O&M period within budget, with a focus on Sustainability, QHSE and performance maximization to delight the Customer. Our on-site O&M teams have deep industry experience with all OEM equipment so that we can develop maintenance schedules that optimize production & equipment availability. We operate on a platform that has been generated from our experience resulting in a team that has superior capabilities to prevent, detect & repair potential problems before they become significant & costly issues.

Solarium delivers a higher standard of service by tailoring our practices with our customer’s individual goals and objectives. Leave the day-to-day operations to us, and benefit from best-in-class monitoring services that keep your systems running at optimal performance

Partners in Long-Term Performance

We stay innovative by asking the right questions and staying ahead of the technology curve to offer the best monitoring solutions for our customers. It’s our business to ensure that your investment is operating at peak performance for maximized output. Whether it’s preventative maintenance, corrective maintenance or facilities management, we’ve got you covered so you can focus on running your business. Our performance analytics staff are continuously engineering new methods to optimize energy production and increase investment returns.

We’re in the business of making solar work better for your bottom line.

Data Analytics and Performance Engineering

Intelligent real-time plant monitoring and periodic performance reporting allows our O&M teams to deliver the most important data to plant owners. Our predictive analytics algorithms & condition based monitoring helps the plant owners get a sound sleep while our analysts take advantage of domain expertise, real time data monitoring, historical experience & trouble-shooting guide to give timely inputs to the site team to improve plant performance through corrective maintenance needs. We provide real-time reporting to asset owners & dispatch specialized O&M crews to respond to equipment maintenance if needed. Our highly-skilled solar technicians & monitoring analysts work together to make sure everything runs smoothly.

We are constantly pursuing opportunities to improve efficiencies & plant energy production

Our Expertise

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