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Solarium is a place buzzing with fresh ideas and innovations, the work culture here does not conform to conventions. We are fast growing & dynamic organisation looking for professionals who have a keen interest in engineering & solar energy solutions. We take enormous pride in our unique offering in the solar industry & our employee satisfaction scores. Our exceptional customer service & leading class technology puts the customer first, providing practical, simple, and creative solutions that can take solar mainstream. We invite enterprising socially responsible individuals whose hallmark is to differentiate themselves through sheer excellence and integrity. We look for professionals who believe in simplicity, flexibility and reliability and can embrace the velocity of the rapidly growing scenario in Renewable Energy Space. At Solarium, we provide energetic environment for you to learn, develop and grow with us.

Our Values

The stewardship of Existence and Growth at Solarium are marked through compelling need for Innovation, Perfection, Truthfulness and by being Good Corporate Citizens. Our values etch the fundamental beliefs and guiding principles that lay the foundation on which we perform work and conduct ourselves.

As a young company, we thrive on innovation. This is why we encourage our employees to contribute their ideas, and give full support in executing them whenever possible. We look for exceptional talents that not only create game changing ideas but also have the ability to execute them.

Every Solarium employee gets the opportunity to grow both professionally and personally. Our employees are encouraged to go beyond their domain and help bring new perspectives to the table in order to generate long term collaborative growth.

We believe that society at large is the most important beneficiary of our business. So we take sustainability very seriously, and that’s why we look for candidates who are socially responsible and want to achieve sustainable growth with us. We are committed to care for the society and environment through all our actions.

We believe that ethics are at the foundation of any successful business. As an employer, we therefore strive to achieve the highest standards of ethics possible – through honesty and integrity. “Honesty” to us means sincerity, truthfulness, fair & loyal with integrity

At Solarium, we provide a working environment that encourages people to take ownership and responsibility of their actions, and to focus on personal as well as organizational growth. We encourage leadership at all levels of the organization.

We passionately challenge the status-quo by encouraging bold thinking, initiatives and exploring unconventional ideas. To us “Entrepreneurship” means standing out, striving for perfection in everything we do.

Why work with Solarium?

Working with us

We are committed to excellence in whatever we do and strive continually to improve. We are passionate about achieving results that exceed expectations, by continuously challenging and beating targets. We seek new opportunities and out-of-the-ordinary solutions, support a culture that foster entrepreneurship, transparency, clear communication, maintain employee and company ethics, and ensure employee health and safety while being socially responsible.

Work Culture

Solarium maintains the highest standards for itself as an employer & expects nothing less from our employees as well. We work on the philosophy of continues development & striving for perfection. We believe in fulfilling the organization goals along with the individual’s personal goals which gives us a unique blend of team having a proper work life balance. We strive to create a conducive culture for our employees to work closely together to achieve our common objective of creating projects of utmost quality, contribute to the upliftment of society & achieve our Vision for a greener tomorrow!

Life at Solarium

The Solarium story is replete with dynamism & our team rises to every challenge to deliver projects with world- class standards. The passion to stand out & the passion to do things differently has been our trademark. We are a collaborative team of sustainable energy enthusiasts who love what we do by bringing fresh perspective, creativity, madness in thoughts with new ideas. At Solarium, you have the historic opportunity to be a part of a dynamic mission and you get to contribute to a successful team that works hard, plays hard and makes a difference in community.

Internship with Us!

The thrill of exploring and building your career at a young company is an unmatched experience. Couple that with the potential of a sector growing by leaps and bounds, and enterprise wide exposure, you have the ideal formula of bringing out the best in yourself. We’re always looking for talented and motivated interns to join our cause. If you’re passionate, a little crazy, and willing to make your mark by doing meaningful work, hop on board. At Solarium, we introduce you to a world abundant with opportunity. Unlike other internships, you won’t be tossed data entry jobs that nobody wants to spend time on, instead you are expected to maturely own a project that may be a game changer.

Be yourself, Make a difference your way

We appreciate your interest in exploring career opportunities with us. If you have the zeal and talent to work with us and you care about applying your talents towards building something that truly makes a difference, we would love to hear from you!

Write to us at [email protected] with your CV and Cover Letter. We will be happy to add a creative mind in our Team.

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