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Partnering Sustainable Growth

Shaping the future together

CREATING VALUES in Conventional Business Relationship

Every Partnership’s with Solarium continues to thrive as our comprehensive know-how is unrivaled and it has positioned us as the best trusted partner. With proven engineering expertise, experienced team and highly diverse product offerings, Solarium offers end-to-end custom solution, working with partners from project conception to project completion. Our quality systems and regulatory expertise combined with a matrix to reduce Time-to-market and Accelerate Time-to-profit, provides a global solution with key focus on customer satisfaction and sustainable growth. For us, it is not just a business relationship – it is a partnership that we enter into to help conserve the environment through a financially sustainable solution.

Solarium works with strategic partners across the globe to spread the right way to live the solar way of life. If you would like to participate in the ongoing solar revolution, you are welcome to join us, in one of many ways. Our belief in decentralized systems extends to the way we do business:

Solarium Channel Partner Program

“Solarium Channel Partner Program” is a framework for collaboration between Solarium and our partners, offering a wide range of benefits, training, certifications and rewards to ensure our mutual success. Our Program supports the evolving needs of our partners- so we can share in both collaboration and success. Becoming a channel partner with us is not only about selling products but it is about becoming an ‘End to End Vertically Integrated Solar Solutions’ provider. Our partners are a single stop solution for solar projects from Finance to Execution to Maintenance. This means that you are more than just a seller, you influence the entire value chain.

Great Products | Great Service | Great Business

Why Partner with Solarium?

Solarium’s success is directly tied to our partnerships among towards profitable and sustainable growth. Our partnership principles, based on a collaborative approach and the empowerment of all, have been the backbone of numerous successful joint ventures over the decades.

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